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Full name: Ben Chu

Area of interest: Government and Politics; Economics

Journals/Organisation: The Independent


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Education: Manchester Grammar School; Jesus College, Oxford: History

Career: The Independent: comment desk; letters department; personal finance; leader writer

Current position/role: Economics editor

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Remit/Info: Government and Politics, Economics


Role: Commentator, Leader writer



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  • How Britain became a giant hedge fund - Over on the Spectator's Coffee House blog, Fraser Nelson, uses some alarming statistics compiled by Michael Saunders, an economist from Citigroup, to castigate Gordon Brown - 12th December 2008
  • Has the mystery of Sir Ian Blair been solved? - The career of Sir Ian Blair has long been something of a puzzle - 10th December 2009
  • Game over? English football at bursting point - Amid a frenzy of borrowing to pay the wages of international superstars – and build extravagant new stadiums – the most treasured clubs in the Premier League have been sold off to foreign investors. But as times get hard, English football could be sitting on a debt time bomb - 2nd December 2008
  • Sentimental brutality - Martin Narey, the head of Barnado's was accused of bad taste by some last week for suggesting that had Baby P lived he might well have grown up to become one of the "feral" youths the populist press loves to hate. I think it was a point well worth making - 1st December 2009
  • So it's back to the Seventies - Tax the rich. The return of the politics of envy. New Labour is dead. That's the view of many in the right wing press this morning in the wake of the Pre-budget report - 25th November 2008
  • Obama the ‘anti-American’ - I'm confused. Today's Spectator leader tells us that "Internationally, Obama's victory will rout lazy Anti-Americanism" - 6th November 2008
  • Ross and Brand deserted - Why have no heavyweight comedians ridden to the defence of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross? - 31st October 2008
  • Bankers plead poverty - They still don't get it. Read this report in the FT today on banking bonuses and the (belated) political pressure for them to come down - 30th October 2008
  • Rich as Rothschild? - There are so many ironies in the three-men-in-a-yacht story and they have been pored over elsewhere - 21st October 2008
  • All you need to know about the meltdown - I'm open-mouthed in admiration at the quality of this broad explanation of the financial crisis from the broadcaster and Sunday Herald journalist Iain Macwhirter - 17th October 2008
  • Time for Cameron to make his mind up - The Evening Standard's Paul Waugh has spotted a gem in Cameron's speech on the economic crisis today - 17th October 2008
  • Blame governments for this one? Nonsense - There are some who say that playing the "blame game" in a financial crisis on this scale is irresponsible - 15th October 2008
  • Why Manchester United could go bust - I've held off long enough. It's an emotional wrench to suggest that the football club you support is going to go bust. But that, I believe, could be the fate that lies in store for Manchester United - 26th September 2008
  • Sarah props up Gordon - There have been plaudits from here about how wonderful Sarah Brown was in her introduction to her husband's conference speech: "She gives him warmth", "she's truly his greatest asset," etc - 23rd Sepember 2008
  • Son of Tarzan - Many people here at the Labour conference are wondering why David Miliband's speech was so lacklustre - 23rd September 2008
  • Crime and punishment, Sun-style - The Sun does its bit to encourage a thoughtful public debate on penal policy this morning with its publication of pictures of women prisoners at Holloway Prison participating in a Halloween fancy dress party - 12th September 2008
  • A reminder of the bad old days - I've been turning over in my mind what it is about the whole Policy Exchange "shut down the North" kerfuffle that is so toxic for David Cameron - 15th August 2008
  • No, no, no, Harriet! - Harriet Harman's abiding commitment to gender equality over the years has been laudable, but I think she made a mistake in her interview with Woman's Hour today - 30th July 2008
  • The Big Question: What can we learn from previous stock market panics? - Ben Chu and Michael Savage, 23rd January 2008

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