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Full name: Anthony Bolton

Area of interest: Investment

Journals/Organisation: Financial Times


Personal website:

Website: / Anthony Bolton


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Education: Cambridge University: degree in engineering

Career: Fidelity: investment managers - managed the 'new Fidelity European Fund', 1985/2002 (during his management the fund grew at an annualised 19.1%), managed the 'Special Situations Fund' which became UK's largest fund and was split into two because of its success, the UK and the Global Special Situations funds, UK fund continued under Bolton's stewardship until his retirement at the end of 2007. Following his his former funds suffered amongst the worst redemptions in 2007, with the Special Situations fund shedding £335m and Global Special Situations losing £508m

Current position/role:

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Other roles/Main role: Investment fund manager

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Books & Debate:

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  • Investing with Anthony Bolton OCLC 85838714, 2006 (with Jonathan Davis)

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Financial Times:

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Section: FT Money

Role: Columnist



Website: / Anthony Bolton

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Day published: Saturday

Regularity: first Saturday of alternate months

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Articles: 2008 / 2009

  • Are developed or emerging markets the future of investing? - The big question now is whether the relative growth advantage of emerging markets over the developed world has increased - 17th October
  • Learn to expect the unexpected - One thing that surprises many people about the stock market is that, often, it doesn’t move in a rational or logical way - 5th September
  • Rules of engagement - The banking crisis has led to calls for fund managers to become more engaged with the companies they invest in – but it is a difficult process to get right - 4th July 2009
  • Heed the alarms - Given the number of investment “blow-ups” in the past year, what are the warning signs that investors should look out for? - 2nd May 2009
  • My favourite type of share - At the heart of my approach has been buying recovery or turnaround stocks on attractive valuations - 28th March 2009
  • How to spot the market’s turning point - When evaluating the market outlook, there are three things that I focus on. When all three factors confirm each other, the odds are that you are near a turning point - 2nd January 2009
  • Time to storm the charts - When I discover a new interesting company or one I have not looked at for a while, the first thing I want to know is whether I am early in hearing the story or whether many investors have already bought the shares - 31st October 2008
  • We’ve seen the bottom of the abyss - I would say shares are as cheap as I’ve seen them in my lifetime of managing money, in some sectors – especially consumer cyclicals, such as general retail and media. There’s quite a bit in those prices already discounting recession – more than in previous cycles - 3rd October 2008
  • We all have to be contrarians now - In 35 years as an investment analyst and portfolio manager, I cannot think of any events of such drama as we have seen in the past week. We may be entering the final phase but, as I have said before, I still think there needs to be a shake-out in commodities - 19th September 2008
  • A checklist of health requirements - Top of my list of considerations when I buy a share is a simple question: how good is the company? Companies are not made equal – the quality of their franchises can vary considerably - 5th September 2008
  • What investors must look for in captains of industry - A very important consideration when buying a company’s shares is the quality of the management - 4th July 2008
  • Have a thesis behind your convictions - As my colleague Peter Lynch has said, you should be able to summarise why you own a particular share in a few simple sentences - 2nd May 2008
  • ‘Balance sheets are the most common cause of grief’ - The job of a professional investor is as much about avoiding disasters as it is about picking winners - 29th February 2008

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