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Full name: Andrew Alexander

Area of interest: World Affairs, Politics

Journals/Organisation: Daily Mail


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  • America and the imperialism of ignorance : US foreign policy since 1945 OCLC698911434 , 2011 (review by Rory Stewart at the Spectator)

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Website: MailOnline / Andrew Alexander

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Regularity: weekly

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Articles: 2009

  • Captain Brown is still clinging to the wreckage - The success of the Gordon-must-stay campaign is a dream-come-true for the Tories - 9th June 2009
  • Why David Cameron can never be a true reformer - With millions of frustrated voters facing hundreds of frightened politicians, the results of tomorrow's poll will be confusing. What was the outrage factor in particular constituencies? - 2nd June 2009
  • Does Cameron have the guts for big change? - David Cameron has got the diagnosis right. Big government is the country’s problem - 27th May 2009
  • Power, and not money, is the root of this evil - The Prime Minister insists that Labour MPs who 'defy' the rules on expenses cannot be party candidates. He doesn't seem certain himself what that means - 19th May 2009
  • ‘Victims’ of the system they set up - The Member of Parliament as victim... it is an intriguing concept. It is 'the system' you see. That has been Gordon Brown's pathetic cry, echoed by innumerable MPs up and down the land - 12th May 2009
  • Mrs Thatcher got the best of times out of the worst of times - Margaret Thatcher, appointed Prime Minister 30 years ago this week, is remembered with more admiration and dislike than any other post-war politician - 5th May 2009
  • Buddy, can you spare some pity for Mr Darling? - The trouble with the word 'cuts', applied to official spending, is that its connotation is absurdly negative - 28th April 2009
  • Who let the dogs out, Mr Brown? - Eager as the Prime Minister remains to disavow Damian McBride, desperate as his inner circle is to maintain total ignorance of any plan to smear leading Tories, he still has a lingering and serious deniability problem - 21st April 2009
  • Opportunity of an epoch for tough Toryism - Perhaps the Tories have an ally in the Downing Street machine. This might at least explain the Prime Minister's bizarre determination to drag out the McBride affair by refusing the outright apology which is appropriate - 14th April 2009
  • What if YOU were a young Palestinian? - The easiest thing to do with terrorists is to rage at them. Or to declare, mindlessly, that we must strengthen 'the war on terrorism'. Both are moral self-indulgence and mental idleness - 7th April 2009
  • Summits? They are for show, not solutions... - Would you accept a lift from the Prime Minister? Probably not. His car would be sure to be struck by lightning, or mown down by a lorry. He seems jinxed - 31st March 2009
  • How I didn't learn to love the Bomb - Obituaries of Sir 'Nicko' Henderson, plucked from retirement by Margaret Thatcher to be our man in Washington, have rightly lauded his splendid role in the Falklands War - 24th March 2009
  • Politics means never having to say you're sorry - We now have two apologies from our political leaders. In his carefully prepared stratagem, David Cameron announced at the weekend that he was 'sorry' the Tories had not focused 'more' on banking and company debt while saying so much about Government borrowing - 17th March 2009
  • Capitalism's death notices are somewhat exaggerated - We are witnessing the death of capitalism, according to various excitable commentators, some alarmed and some drooling at the prospect. Neither need get worked up. Capitalism will survive - 10th March 2009
  • Beware when the angry mob is middle class - A summer of discontent? It seems a real possibility. Senior officers in the Met are worried. Of course, there are always groups which want to stir up disorder on the slightest excuse or none - 26th February 2009
  • We borrowed our way into a terrible mess - There is an advertisement on television in which, if you listen to it with half an ear — the half normally reserved for these things — you are puzzled to hear the voice of Gordon Brown, no less - 19th February 2009
  • We must stop being America's poodles of war - What do you suppose is Britain's policy in Afghanistan - other than rolling over and asking the Americans for orders? - 12th February 2009
  • Faith, hope and what's become the new religion - Religion is not about truth. It is about faith. The 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth reminds us of this - 5th February 2009
  • Mr Brown digs us into a lot of trouble - Government plans for digging holes and filling them in again, seen as vital to curing the recession, have run into trouble - 29th January 2009
  • ‘Change’ that helps things stay the same - Newly elected political leaders are always ready to proclaim ‘Change’ - 22nd January 2009
  • Prudes, prigs and the menace of a PC code - Prince Harry may be third in line to the throne. But it is hard to see why anyone in his right mind would want to be the monarch of a country bursting with such pious, pompous, prudish, sanctimonious, semi-hysterical, self-righteous, mealymouthed, whining prigs - 15th January 2009
  • Israel should learn from its own history - Which is worse: the brutality or the stupidity of Israel's attack on Gaza? - 8th January 2009
  • Politicians, power and a new religion - Since this is the moment in the year when forecasts are demanded, I shall pick a sad certainty. Parliament will create more offences, lots of them - 1st January 2009

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