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Full name: Anatole Kaletsky

Area of interest: Economics, Finance, Poliics

Journals/Organisation: Reuters | The Times


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About: Anatole Kaletsky is one of Britain’s leading economic commentators. Formerly Economics Editor at The times, he is now their Editor-at-Large

Education: King's College, Cambridge: Mathematics (first); Harvard University: Economics, MA (Kennedy Memorial Scholar)

Career: Joined The Economist, 1976; moved to the Financial Times, 1979, posts include: New York Bureau Chief, Washington Correspondent, International Economics Correspondent, Moscow Correspondent; from 1996, Economics Editor of The Times - responsible for all economic news and analysis; formed consultancy practice, GaveKal (with Louis and Charles Gave), 1997 - provides forecasts and policy analysis for financial institutions, multinational companies and organisations; left his position as The Times' as Principal Economic Commentator and Editor-at-Large at the end of March 2012 to join Reuters

Current position/role: Reuters: Columnist

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Other roles/Main role: Chief Economist at Gavekal - Independent Macro-Economic Research Geared Towards the Institutional Investor

Other activities: Elected to the governing Council of the Royal Economic Society, 1998; Consultant, G7 Group, 1993; Member of Advisory Board, HM Government Know-How Fund for Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union, 1991


Viewpoints/Insight: You think our age is turbulent? What nonsense The Times, 12th April, 2007; see also, GaveKal core beliefs

Broadcast media: Frequently expert opinion and interviews

Video: BBC's Meet the Author: on Anatole Kaletsky's Capitalism 4.0


Awards/Honours: BBC's What the Papers Say awards: Newspaper Commentator of the Year, 1996; Newspaper Publishers Association's British Press Award: Specialist Writer of the Year, 1980 and 1992; Institute of Economic Affairs: Wincott Award for economic journalism, 1997; Cernobbio-Europe prize


Other: Born in Moscow, spent his childhood in Poland and Australia

Books & Debate:

Latest work: Capitalism 4.0 OCLC 502418361, July 2010, reviewed here by David Smith in The Sunday Times

Speaking/Appearances: Celebrity Speakers | Conference Speakers | Specialist Speakers | Prime Performers | London Speaker bureau

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Column name: Economic view

Remit/Info: Economics, Finance, Poliics


Role: Principal Economic Commentator, Associate Editor




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Day published: Wednesday

Regularity: Weekly

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