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Full name: Agnès Poirier

Area of interest: French politics

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian - comment is free

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Education: ACP is a graduate from the Sorbonne, the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po) and a former PhD student at the London School of Economics

Career: French born Agnès Poirier moved to London in 1995 and started writing as an independent journalist for Le Monde (1996) and then for Le Figaro as UK arts correspondent (1997-2001). Between 2001 and 2006, she was a political correspondent and film critic for Libération

Current position/role: UK editor for French and Italian weeklies Le Nouvel Obs, La Vie, L'Espresso. Editor of French news weekly Marianne

  • also writes/written for: regular contributor to the BBC, Channel 4 (100 Greatest Movie Moments), Channel 5 and Al Jazeera on French politics and films. ACP is also a regular commentator for The Guardian, The Independent On Sunday, The New Statesman and The Observer

Other roles/Main role: Agnès Poirier is an independent adviser on British films for the Cannes Film Festival and a producer for Radio France (France Musiques) of special series about cinema

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  • Les misérables Anglais - Unhappy, ignorant, violent, disrespectful and obsessed with celebrity and money - that's how this French writer and London resident sees us - The Independent, 25th February 2007

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Her first book, Les Nouveaux Anglais, came out in France in April 2005 (Alvik), followed by Touché! A French woman's take on the English published in the UK by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. Her latest essay in French Le modèle anglais: une illusion française, an antidote to Sarkozy's politics, was released in France by Alvik at the end of 2006

Latest work: Le modèle anglais, une illusion française, 2006

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  • No regular column

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  • What it means to be French - Nicolas Sarkozy's national debate on French identity is meaningless, vain and too often descends into racism - 23rd December 2009
  • Love's bite is deeper, Tiger - Without risk there can be no passion. Philosophers know that, beyond golf, romance is under threat - 8th December 2009
  • Behind the scenes at French museums - The Louvre and the Pompidou Centre have closed their doors in protest at government cuts – and they could hurt the economy - 7th December 2009
  • Thierry Henry and football philosophy - Henry's handball in a World Cup game against Ireland has caused an existential crisis in France. What would Camus do? - 21st November 2009
  • Greer's Proust polemic a waste of time - Proust is too long, too expensive and impossible to read in the bath, says Germaine Greer. Has she had a bang on the head? - 10th November 2009
  • Roger Moore can't persuade me - I know force-feeding is cruel, but the former James Bond's call to send foie gras the way of life's other pleasures must be resisted - 7th November 2009
  • We need a visionary as EU president, not Tony Blair - What about Vaclav Havel or Simone Veil? - 29th October 2009
  • The 'sacrifice' of France's Prince Jean - Sarkozy junior has put his ambitions to run La Défense on hold, but he can't convince France that they were legitimate - 24th October 2009
  • Rejecting Rue de Robespierre - Parisian councillors have guillotined a plan to name a street in France's capital after the revolutionary leader - 3rd October 2009
  • Polanski's arrest has shocked France - Given new facts revealed by a documentary about the Polanski case, the great director's arrest makes no sense - 28th September 2009
  • The Clearstream Affair, Act 1 Scene 1 - A courtroom drama driven by political rivalry and vengeance opens as Sarkozy and De Villepin go head to head - 23rd September 2009
  • Italy's eccentric man of the north - It's easy to laugh at Umberto Bossi's ideas to drop the national anthem, flag and language, but Italians should take more notice - 18th September 2009
  • Stop the pregnancy scaremongering and let women make love in peace - Britain is obsessive and dictatorial when it comes to motherhood. Yet we get more real help – and babies born – in France - 14th August 2009
  • France's theatre of redundancy - From 'bossnapping' to threatening to blow up factories, French workers use spectacular stunts to highlight their situation - 17th July 2009
  • French vote with maturity - That an unpopular government did so well in the European elections indicates voters' ability to think outside national politics - 8th June 2009
  • To see ourselves as others see us - The parents of two French students murdered by men who should have been in custody are outraged. So should we be - The Independent, 7th June 2009
  • Sarkozy's royal gaffe - Excluding the Queen from the D-Day anniversary celebrations is crass even by Nicolas Sarkozy's dire standards - 3rd June 2009
  • French Socialists outplayed in Europe - François Bayrou has struck a chord with the French and will draw voters from the Socialists in the European elections - 24th May 2009
  • Cinema sans frontières - The Cannes festival can appear a tower of Babel, but it inspires a language that crosses all barriers - 22nd May 2009
  • The importance of being Eric - The French never really took Eric Cantona seriously. But playing himself in Ken Loach's new film, he has won us over - 18th May 2009
  • Quelle horreur! We miss Chirac - How can the politician we learned to despise for 40 years score a 74% approval rating? Answer: he's not Sarkozy - 21st April 2009
  • Protest in perpetual motion - Students and professors have invented a new way of protesting about the marketisation of academia: the 24-hour circular march - 7th April 2009
  • Three strikes and you're out, Sarko - Radicalisation has taken France by storm. Nicolas Sarkozy must listen to the public's demands to save his presidency - 20th March 2009
  • Abandoning independence, for nothing - France's return to Nato's military command is purely symbolic, or so say Sarkozy's lieutenants. So why do it at all? - 12th March 2009
  • Life sucks. Say it – you'll feel better - The French are good at fulminating loudly, and a number of websites make it easy for anyone to join in - 8th March 2009
  • Womaniser? He's just French - Dominique Strauss-Kahn has great charisma, intelligence and charm. For better or worse, his behaviour is part of our culture - 25th February 2009
  • Guadeloupe on the edge - This 'forgotten territory of the French republic' is erupting with anger. President Sarkozy must act, or face insurrection - 19th February 2009
  • Where's our Mitterrand? - The Socialist party badly needs a successor to the man who proudly took on the rightist De Gaulle - 30th January 2009
  • The fall of Rachida Dati - As France heads for a national strike this week, it's not just the ex-justice minister the public seems to have had enough of - 27th January 2009
  • The war of the wines - I'm all for teaching French vintners a lesson – but Malcolm Gluck's fierce criticisms seem like a case of inverted snobbery - 15th January 2009
  • French parliament fades to grey - The law hasn't been approved by the senate yet, but advertising is now banned on France's public broadcasting networks - 9th January 2009
  • The intriguing case of Rachida Dati - Brits are fascinated with the French minister's rapid return to work after giving birth – but in France, parenting culture is different - 8th January 2009

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