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Full name: Willem Hendrik Buiter

Area of interest: Economics, politics, ethics, religion, culture

Journals: Financial Times

Email: willembuiter@btinternet.com | w.buiter@lse.ac.uk


Blog: FT.com / Willem Buiter’s Maverecon

Representation: Leigh Bureau

Networks: Facebook profile


Education: Yale University: Economics PhD

Career: former Chief Economists of the EBRD, former external MPC member at the Bank of England, policy advisor...

Current position/role: blogger

  • also writes/written for:

Main employment: Professor of European Political Economy, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science (since September 2005) - expertise in: Macroeconomics: the global economy, national economies and sector overviews. Globalization—its technological and political economy determinants. Political economy and economic reform. Public finance & economic policy in all its dimensions—monetary, fiscal and trade. Economic & political integration of Europe; Eastern Europe specialist

Other activities:






Awards/Honours: CBE (Commander of the British Empire) for his ‘services to economics’



Books & Debate:

Interpreting the ERM crisis Wlilem H Buiter.jpg
  • Temporary equilibrium and long-run equilibrium OCLC 4641548, 1979
  • International economic policy coordination OCLC 11574801, 1985 (with Richard C Marston; Centre for Economic Policy Research (Great Britain); National Bureau of Economic Research)
  • Macroeconomic theory and stabilization policy OCLC 19773566, 1989
  • Budgetary policy, international and intertemporal trade in the global economy OCLC 18780106, 1989
  • International macroeconomics OCLC 20098767, 1990
  • Principles of budgetary and financial policy OCLC 20219457, 1990
  • Interpreting the ERM crisis: country-specific and systemic issues OCLC 38249127, 1998 (with Giancarlo Corsetti; Paolo A Pesenti)

(nber.org: publication list

Writings and speeches:

  • on policy matters since joining Bank of EnglandMonetary Policy Committee, June 1997 (nber.org)
  • on transition-related issues since becoming Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, June 2000 (nber.org)

Latest work:


Current debate:

Financial Times:

Column name:

Remit/Info: Economics, politics, ethics, religion, culture


Role: blogger



Website: FT.com / Willem Buiter’s Maverecon blog

Commissioning editor:

Day published:

Regularity: regular

Column format:

Average length:

Blogs: 2009


  • mavercon archive (original site - blog moved to FT website on 23rd October 2007)