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Roger Bootle

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Full name:Roger Bootle
Area of interest:Business and Finance
Journals/Organisation:The Daily Telegraph
Personal website:

Capital Economics / Roger Bootle


Daily Telegraph


About: One of the City's leading economists and a weekly columnist for the Daily Telegraph. Currently Managing Director of independent macroeconomic research consultancy Capital Economics.

Education: University of Oxford
Oxford University: BA, MPhil Economics

Career: Began career as a lecturer in Economics at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Worked as an economist for Capel-Cure Myers and Lloyds Merchant Bank. From 1989 until 1998, he was an economist at Midland Bank/HSBC, rising to the position of Group Chief Economist of the HSBC group. During the John Major government in the 1990s, he was appointed to the UK treasury’s panel of economic forecasters under Kenneth Clarke.

Current Position/Role:

  • Also writes/has written for: Managing Director of Capital Economics, which he founded in 1999; adviser to Deloitte; adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee.

Other roles/Main role: Visiting Professor at Manchester Business School

Other activities: Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries; Fellow of the Society of Business Economists.


Viewpoints/Insight: Celebrity Speakers VIDEO; Globalisation can bust the boom cycle, The Guardian, 2005.

Broadcast media:


Controversy/Criticism: Faced scepticism for his prediction (in 1996) that we are gradually moving to a world of zero inflation

Awards/Honours:: Telegraph columnist Roger Bootle wins Wolfson Economics Prize, Economist and Daily Telegraph columnist Roger Bootle has won the £250,000 Wolfson Prize for Economics for devising the "smoothest" plan for a break-up of the eurozone. 5th July 2012



Books & Debate
  • Theory of Money (1978) OCLC 4430505
  • Index-Linked Gilts (1985) OCLC 11088917
  • Death of Inflation: Surviving and Thriving in the Zero Era (1996) OCLC 34517510
  • Implications of the East Asian economic situation (1998) OCLC 43517256
  • Money for Nothing – Real Wealth, Financial Fantasies and the Economy of the Future (2004) OCLC 53330921
  • The Trouble with Markets - saving capitalism from itself (2009) OCLC 427612711

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Remit/Info: "Sheds light on how the UK and world economies are performing and the challenges facing the world's policymakers"






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Average length: 1100 words
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