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Full name: Phil Shiner

Area of interest: International, environmental and human rights law

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian | The Independent

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Career: A practicing solicitor in the UK since 1981

  • Honorary Professor at the London Metropolitan University; Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics
  • profile: Phil Shiner, Supervisor / testimonials - (
  • LSE Centre for the Study of Human rights, who's who: Phil Shiner

Current position/role: Occasional comment writer

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Other roles/Main role: Lawyer - environmental, public law and human rights expert

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  • Winner of the 2004 Human Rights Lawyer of the Year award
  • Law Society Excellence Awards 2007: Solicitor of the Year Award, sponsored by the Law Gazette - Phil Shiner from Public Interest Lawyers (Birmingham)



Books & Debate:

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  • Planning obligations and the community OCLC 45716169, 1994
  • Environmental action : a guide for individuals and communities OCLC 55698020, 2004 (with David Wolfe, Paul Stookes)

Latest work: The Iraq War and international law OCLC 123375327, 2007 (with Andrew Williams)

Speaking/Appearances: Written and spoken at international and national conferences on all the areas of law covered in PIL's present work



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  • Baha Mousa: killed in the shadows - Baha Mousa's death was indeed 'shameful', but the Ministry of Defence's self-justifying arrogance is even more so - 9th September 2011
  • If you want to protest, prepare to be kettled - The student demos have shown that kettling is now the police's first resort – threatening our fundamental rights - 16th December 2010
  • Iraq war logs: Bringing Britain to book - As evidence of UK forces' role in the killings of Iraqi civilians mounts, our government must face up to its responsibilities - 23rd October 2010
  • Yarl's Wood itself is the moral outrage - Closing the family wing is a step forward, but the government must admit its detention policy breaches human rights - 23rd july 2010
  • This may be Britain's Abu Ghraib - The allegations of torture by British soldiers in Iraq bear chilling comparison with America's worst excesses - 3rd July 2010 (co-authored by Tessa Gregory)
  • Yarl's Wood: a disgrace - The government's policy at Yarl's Wood detention centre breaches the rights of the vulnerable women and children there - 23rd February 2010
  • UK can't cover up abuse forever - The government wants to keep human rights abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan out of court by cutting legal aid. It won't succeed - 4th January 2010
  • The shame of the Baha Mousa inquiry - The inquiry into the brutal death of a hotel clerk asks broader questions of British operations in Iraq - 13th July 2009
  • End this culture of Israeli impunity - In the face of Palestinian deaths in Gaza, the UK government must be held to its commitments under international law - 24th March 2009
  • An appalling record on torture - It is shocking what the UK is responsible for, and equally shocking that it will stop at nothing to suppress the evidence - The Guardian, Comment is free, Thursday 5th February 2009
  • War crimes in Gaza? Let's look closer to home - If Britain had fulfilled its ICJ obligations in 2004, it could have helped tackle this conflict before it escalated beyond diplomacy - The Guardian, Comment is free, Wednesday 14th January 2009
  • Bingham is wrong on human rights - 18 Nov 2008: Phil Shiner: Lord Bingham may have spoken out on the legality of Iraq, but he stops short of condemning government policy - The Guardian, Comment is free, Tuesday 18th November 2008
  • The MoD blames 'a few bad apples'. I blame the MoD - Baha Mousa died of 93 injuries. For the 36 hours this 26-year-old Iraqi survived in British detention, he was hooded, deprived of sleep, food and water, and forced to maintain the "ski" stress position - The Independent on Sunday, 13th July 2008
  • Legal Opinion: Britain must obey the rule of law over Iraqis detained without trial - Two Iraqis have been held without trial by the British Army for five years. Why is this any different from Guantanamo Bay? - The Independent, Wednesday 25th June 2008
  • Our shame - Before we deplore America's treatment of foreign terrorist suspects, we should remember how Baha Mousa was tortured and died in British custody - The Guardian, Comment is free, Wednesday 14th May 2008
  • Unlawful combat - For America and the United Kingdom, staying in Iraq without an exit date would be illegal. Here's why - The Guardian, Comment is free, Tuesday 8th April 2008
  • A blot on our record - It is right that the Ministry of Defence has admitted breaching Baha Mousa's human rights, but now we need a full inquiry into our detention policy - The Guardian, Comment is free, Friday, 28th March 2008
  • Atrocity exhibition - Philip Zimbardo's analysis of how, psychologically, we permit torture is spot-on. But how did we allow it politically? - The Guardian, Comment is free, Saturday 1st March 2008
  • A catalogue of abuse - Political leaders as much as military bosses need to face up to our brutal detention policy in Iraq - 19th October 200
  • Evidence of torture used in Iraq - The Foreign Office says the "government, including its intelligence and security agencies, never use torture for any purpose" ( MI5 and MI6 to be sued for first time over torture, September 12). The evidence in the public domain from the court martial into the death of Baha Mousa and the serious abuse of 10 other Iraqi civilians is clear in establishing this is not true - The Guardian, (editorials & reply section), Thursday 13th September 2007
  • An inquiry, Lord Goldsmith? Why yes - The attorney general recommends an inquiry into torture by British soldiers in Iraq. Good: then he can tell us why his legal advice permitted it - The Guardian, Comment is free, Wednesday 27th June 2007
  • A deliberate torture policy - Politicians can no longer hide from the shameful truth behind Iraqi civilian deaths in British custody - The Guardian (comment & debate section), Thursday, 14th June 2007
  • A coverup of torture, racism and complicity in war crimes - The evidence of British abuse and killing of Iraqi civilians is part of an iceberg of disgrace which demands a public inquiry - The Guardian (comment & debate section) Monday 23rd April 2007
  • A trail of shame - A 'cover-up' means Baha Mousa's death in British custody goes unpunished - and questions about ill-treatment of prisoners by our troops unanswered - The Guardian, Comment is free, Monday 23rd April 2007
  • Shameful impunity - The government must act over yesterday's judgment on the torture and killing of Iraqis by British forces - The Guardian (debate & comment section), Thursday 22nd December 2005
  • Let the Iraq families speak - The relatives of soldiers who have died must get their chance to argue for an independent inquiry - The Guardian (debate & comment section), Friday 18th November 2005
  • [ Hypocrisy in Iraq - The hypocrisy of our government knows no bounds (Saddam's legal team stops work after lawyer is shot dead, November 10) - 11th November 2005
  • Our military won't find itself guiltyEvidence of a British torture policy has been systematically ignored - The Guardian, Friday 6th May 2005
  • We can hold our military to accountTorture claims by Iraqis will no longer be swept under the carpet - The Guardian, Wednesday 15th December 2004
  • We Brits play by the rules. What rules would they be? - The occupation of Iraq has led in recent months to a number of cases of Iraqi civilians being killed or tortured by British forces. It is now admitted - as revealed by The Independent on Sunday - that 48 people have died while in the custody of the British army - Independent on Sunday 29th August 2004
  • End this lawlessness - Without legal sanction, British troops will continue to torture and kill Iraqi civilians with impunity - The Guardian, Thursday 10th June 2004

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