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Full name:Patrick Bishop
Area of interest:EU and World Affairs
Personal website:

 email Richard Foreman for further information about books, events, etc

About: Has been a foreign correspondent since 1982 covering numerous wars and conflicts around the world. In the last five years he has emerged as a highly regarded military historian. Began his career covering the British re-capture of the Falkands 25 years ago. Since then he has reported from the front line on almost every major war of the era mainly for the Daily Telegraph. He was the paper’s correspondent in the Middle East and Paris and served as its foreign editor from 1995-97. See

Education: Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford

Career: The Observer: Northern Ireland correspondent, also reported on the Falklands War; joined The Sunday Telegraph in 1986, moved to The Daily Telegraph as Middle East correspondent, going on to report on conflicts in Africa, Bosnia, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, both Gulf wars, and most recently Afghanistan, becoming the The Daily Telegraph's foreign editor and leading foreign correspondent, before leaving the paper in February 2007

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Video: Frontline Club - Insight with Lt Col Stuart Tootal and Patrick Bishop: Can the British win in Afghanistan?





Books & Debate

Latest work: Wings: one hundred years of British aerial warfare (2013)OCLC 851152738

Speaking/Appearances: email Richard Foreman for further information about books, events, etc -

Current debate:YouTube: Insight with Lt Col Stuart Tootal and Patrick Bishop (VIDEO) - Commander of 3 Para Battle Group in Afghanistan, Lt Col Tootal, talks about the challenges the Group faced in Helmand: the fighting and the casualties, the logistics and the ongoing fight to win 'hearts and minds'

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