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Full name: Mrs Moneypenny

Area of interest: Investment banking

Journals: Financial Times


Website: / Mrs Moneypenny






Career: 'It has been speculated' that Mrs Moneypenny is the nom de plume of Heather McGregor, a director of the executive search firm Taylor Bennett

Current position/role:

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Current debate: Forums: Share your views on a Mrs Moneypenny column

Financial Times:

Column remit: Chronicle of life as an investment banker, business woman and middle-aged mother of three


Role: Commentator



Website: / Mrs Moneypenny

Commissioning editor:

Day published: Saturday

Regularity: Weekly

Column format:

Average length:

Articles: 2011

  • A dramatic mix of cash and chaos - Mrs Moneypenny places her bet on an Oscar-nominated documentary on the financial crisis. After all, provoking debate on the use of tax-payers’ money is always healthy - 29th January
  • Fond farewells - After attending two funerals over the holidays, Mrs Moneypenny ponders what kind of funeral she wants to have, but more importantly, what kind of friend she wants to be - 22nd January
  • The patter of tiny paws - Mrs Moneypenny marvels at how a birth in the family has made Mr M a changed man - 15th January
  • A cut above the rest - On the day her show opened in New York, Mrs Moneypenny gets the star treatment – from a Frédéric Fekkai haircut to jewellery from Asprey - 8th January

Articles: 2010

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Articles: 2008

  • 2008: The good, the bad, and the frankly unforgivable - On Mrs Moneypenny’s list of villains are British Airways, the idiot who thought up the one-size-fits-all capital gains tax and the CEO who suggested she go on a diet - 27th December 2008
  • The day I acquired a one-way ticket to Stressville - Mrs Moneypenny will need rest and recuperation over the Christmas and New Year break after a gruelling trip to the Passport Office - 20th December 2008
  • On the perils of speaking without notes - It takes a lot to make Mrs Moneypenny nervous. But when she recently had to speak before a large audience, she found herself struggling for a killer opening line - 13th December 2008
  • Of sons and mothers - Mrs Moneypenny is not sure if she has raised an equal opportunity household as all of her three ‘cost centres’ seem reluctant to engage with domestic machinery - 6th December 2008
  • A few festive suggestions – and none of them extravagant - Mrs Moneypenny has taken pity on Mr M, who finds gift-giving an unusually onerous responsibility, by flagging up in about June what she would most like - 29th November 2008
  • Who says there’s no romance in Hatfield? - A one-time site for jetliner testing, film production and wartime espionage is now part of an online grocery revolution - 22nd Novembe 2008
  • Never so glad to be stood up, I took off - With her meeting with Panama’s first lady postponed, Mrs M finds she has the time and perfectly glorious weather to take her first solo flight instead - 15th November 2008
  • Tumbling markets – and stumbling columnists - On a recent visit to Dubai, Mrs M found herself at the feet of an esteemed sultan after losing her footing - 8th November 2008
  • Women bankers: credit where it’s due - Mrs M is not worried for her company, an unsecured creditor of Kaupthing, because a woman is in charge - 1st November 2008
  • Let me put this diplomatically. Be nice. Or belt up - Mrs M has a piece of advice on what the diplomatic male should say to a woman about her weight - 25th October 2008
  • A banker both boring and Swiss? Bring him on! - In these troubled times, Mrs M seeks safety by selecting a yawn-inducing lender to refinance her company - 18th October 2008
  • The financial collapse and other causes for concern - While everyone had their attention on the market meltdown, Mrs M and other women had theirs on maternal mortality - 11th October 2008
  • Things have changed around here: Tread carefully, Mr M.. - Change is stressful. Starting a new job, moving house and divorce are often cited as three of the most common causes of stress - 4th October 2008
  • Why am I being made to subsidise my customers? - Business, rather than love, in a cold climate. In these straitened economic times the standard opening question on the drinks party circuit is: “How’s business?” - 27th September 2008
  • Yes, Sarah – you’re the beauty queen. But I’m the Aga goddess - I blame Sarah Palin. It is not enough to be able to shoot, manage a large family and a husband and hold down a challenging job in order to be considered a success as a woman. You also have to cook like a dream and win beauty competitions - 20th September 2008
  • At last, a place for an unsung war hero in Trafalgar Square - Anniversaries are important. I am usually good at remembering anniversaries, such as the first time I met anyone significant, the first time I did anything special (shot my first grouse, for example) - 13th September 2008
  • How new leaves affect turnover - Do plants belong in the workplace? - 6th September 2008
  • Faint hearts and fair maids - Cities are some of my favourite places. I am at my most comfortable right in the heart of a city, being part of its energy, watching the people. London, of course, is my favourite - 30th August 2008
  • Slights of hand and eye - How do you handle rejection? I’m not good about it, on the whole - 23rd August 2008
  • Theirs but to do or dye - There is more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start. For my female readers I am sure this rings true. Men have it so easy, don’t they? - 16th August 2008
  • Holidays begin at the airport - For my holiday this year I stayed at home. Yes, home. I don’t mean that I went on holiday in England either. I mean that I just didn’t go to work for two weeks - 9th August 2008
  • In full swing - Wanted, new wife for Australian golfer in his early fifties. Must be blonde, good at tennis and preferably have won several (specifically 18) Grand Slam titles - 2nd August 2008
  • Stumped by the British summer - Summer has been here since April. No, I am not talking about the weather - 26th July 2008
  • Recline and fall - What do the governor of the Bank of England, the editor of this newspaper, the mayor of London and I have in common? - 19th July 2008
  • A night on the (bathroom) tiles - Clean and well-stocked bathrooms are critical. That’s what I told the cleaner last week before the Mother-in-Law arrived for one of her State Visits - 12th July 2008
  • Lessons for life over a tricky cup of instant - First impressions count. At our office we are careful to make sure that every visitor is made to feel extremely welcome: they are greeted at the door, shown to a meeting room and offered tea, coffee or a cold drink - 5th July 2008
  • Summer game shoots? Too dry for my liking - The game season finishes for feathered targets on February 1 and until the grouse season starts on August 12, the City has to put its shotguns away - 28th June 2008
  • Consumed by guilt, fuelled by fried bread - Nutrition is not a subject I have ever studied. I didn’t do biology O-level, so I have not even the smallest grasp of the nutritional properties of plants and seeds, let alone animals - 21st June 2008
  • Benign Neglect Of Cars And Cost Centres - An extra night in his own bed. That was the prize won by cc#3 for breaking his arm - 14th June 2008
  • Where Networking Blossoms - Gardens were not on the agenda. The purpose of the chelsea flower show gala preview is not, as i have explained before, to preview any flowers. It represents the largest annual gathering of corporate britain - 7th June 2008
  • Forever sipping bubbles - In 2002 I embarked on a love affair that has continued ever since. No, not with a man (or a woman!) but with a champagne - 31st May 2008
  • Why I need to be a party insider - I never want a surprise party. I like parties – I like giving them, I like going to them. But a surprise party? For me? No, thank you - 24th May 2008
  • At last, I’m back in the ring - Four months have sped by. In early January I had some surgery and as a result had to give up aerobic exercise – ie, boxing – for many weeks - 17th May 2008
  • The domino theory of teenage nutrition - Pizza parenting. That’s the social phenomenon that I believe explains Domino’s recent results - 10th May 2008
  • The Best-Laid Childcare Plans of Mothers and Men... - So what do you think of our new livery? In the magazine world redesigns do not happen casually - 26th April 2008
  • Fiscal jerks - Do you prefer your taxes arising or on remittance? I suspect that, like most of us, you would rather pay no tax at all. But if you are one of the 114,000 people living in the UK and registered as non-domiciled then you will have a vested interest in the difference between these two ways of assessing your taxable income - 19th April 2008
  • Heights of power - Warm and comfortable. No, that’s not a description of my personality and figure, but the dress code on the invitation for my recent ladies’ shooting day - 12th April 2008
  • The secret of longevity - “England and America are two countries separated by a common language.” If George Bernard Shaw were alive today, he might add that they are also separated by, among other things, 3,000 miles or so of sea and a totally different approach to advertisements for erectile dysfunction - 5th April 2008
  • Strategic play - I blame it all on Australian Rules Football. When Mr M announced last year that we were about to subscribe to Setanta at £10 a month... - 28th March 2008
  • Read my lips - I am not a literature buff. My reading largely consists of The Economist and historical biography, and I rarely pick up a novel other than when I’m on holiday - 22nd March 2008
  • Mind the gaps - What have you forgotten recently? I was stood up for breakfast the other day because someone who had fixed a date with me a month ago forgot they had done so - 14th March 2008
  • A place fit for heroes - In the first half of the 19th century, there raged in the newspapers of the day a great public debate. A military hero, long dead, remained – shamefully – uncommemorated - 8th March 2008
  • - Alarms and excursions] - One of Mrs M's cost centres is setting the world, or at least his school, alight - 1st March 2008
  • Well you did ask - As some of you might have noticed, I am not short of opinions. I am of the opinion, for instance, that holidaying with other people’s children is an acquired taste - 23rd February 2008
  • A heavy sleeper - On January 9 I was unconscious for four hours. No, I had not stood in the way of a golf ball, or taken my boxing training to new levels - 16th February 2008
  • Suited and booted - I was very nervous before going to Davos. No, it was not the thought of rubbing shoulders with more than 1,000 of the world’s business and political leaders (and apparently 10,000 support staff). It was about what to wear while doing so - 9th February 2008
  • Way to go - My father turned 80 this week. He continues to drive, work a day a week at the Citizens Advice Bureau, publish the parish magazine from his home computer and attend art classes - 2nd February 2008
  • Cold comforts - A group of people in a small Swiss ski resort at 1,500m will this weekend debate the pressing issues of the world. Before packing my snow boots, I considered how I was likely to contribute to the debate on world trends - 26th January 2008
  • The monstrous regiments - Women can be quite terrifying in large numbers. I am sure that men can be as well, but I am always slightly intimidated by large groups of women, especially when organised into fighting units - 19th January 2008
  • Down to earth - Visiting New York is always appealing.In mid-December, I went for 24 hours and managed to make every minute count - 12th January 2008
  • Profit of doom - Happy New Year. What does 2008 hold for you? I am never confident of predicting anything other than death or taxes, but one thing that I do confidently predict for me this year is that I am going to have to go through a refinancing - 5th January 2008