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Full name:

Area of interest: Society, family and women's issues

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian


Personal website:

Website: / Libby Brooks



Networks:!/libby_brooks |



Education: Oxford University: Law

Career: joined The Guardian in 1998: feature writer; women’s editor, 1999/2001

Current position/role: Deputy comment editor

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Awards/Honours: Catherine Packenham Award for young women writers, 1996; British Press Awards: Young Journalist of the Year, 1998



Books & Debate:

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  • The story of childhood : growing up in modern Britain OCLC67871524 , 2006

Latest work:



The Guardian:

Column name:

Remit/Info: Society, family and women's issues

Section: comment & debate (when in print)

Role: Deputy comment editor



Website: / Libby Brooks

Commissioning editor:

Day published: variable, most often Thursday

Regularity: varies

Column format:

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Hay Festival 2007

  • What's in a friendship? - The growth of social networking on the internet throws up some profound questions about the nature of our relationships 11th May 2007
  • Kids' stuff - The way we treat our children is likely to generate some of the most exciting ideological battles of this century - 26th March 2007

Series: The Politics of Wellbeing

  • Freedom at any cost - David Monteith has always been particularly proud of his great-great-great-grandfather Archibald - a slave who bought his freedom, wrote his life story and inspired future generations - 24th February 2007
  • Donations to clarity - Last night's debate on the politics of wellbeing attracted many disparate voices, but to keep the conversation going we need much more focus - 22nd February 2007
  • Joy divisions - Happiness is a privilege, but the current debate on wellbeing risks turning it into a commodity - 21st February 2007

  • It's not enough to say we should listen to children - The UNICEF report on the well-being of children - 15th February 2007
  • So unlucky in love - Kylie's stellar status does not protect her from the dilemmas that ordinary women agonise over - 6th February 2007
  • Social studies - At an admittedly middle-class discussion on class, the consensus was that it's about power, autonomy and self-determination - 3rd February 2007
  • Woman's best friend? - The successful, single female has been assigned a new emotional crutch - increasingly, she is portrayed in the company of a cat - 18th January 2007

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