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Full name: George Joshua Richard Monbiot

Area of interest: Environment issues, Politics & International Affairs, especially i.c.w. Global Justice

Journals/Organisation: The Guardian


Personal website:







Education: Stowe School, Buckinghamshire; Brasenose College, Oxford: Zoology

  • Visiting fellowships or professorships: Universities of Oxford (environmental policy), Bristol (philosophy), Keele (politics) and East London (environmental science); currently visiting professor of planning at Oxford Brookes University
  • Honorary doctorate: University of Essex, honorary fellowship: Cardiff University, 2007

Career: Career (Wikipedia); About George Monbiot (

Current position/role: columnist

  • also writes/has written for:

Other roles/Main role: journalist, author

Other interests: patron of the UK student campaign network People & Planet; environmental and political activist, author and academic,



Broadcast media:

Video: see IMDb


Awards/Honours: Honours (Wikipedia)


Other: Cousin of Dominic Lawson and the solicitor Fiona Shackleton

Books & Debate:

  • Poisoned arrows: an investigative journey through Indonesia OCLC52024713 , 1989
  • Mahogany is murder: mahogany extraction from Indian reserves in Brazil OCLC27106378 , 1992
  • Amazon watershed: the new environmental investigation OCLC3063714 , 1991
  • No man's land: an investigative journey through Kenya and Tanzania OCLC30919009 , 1994
  • An activists' guide to exploiting the media OCLC77597381 , 1999
  • Captive state: the corporate takeover of Britain OCLC44563069 , 2000
  • Anti-capitalism: a guide to the movement OCLC49894259 , contributor, 2001
  • The age of consent: a manifesto for a new world order OCLC59357399 , 2003
  • Heat: how to stop the planet burning OCLC85018597 , 2007

Latest work: Bring on the apocalypse: six arguments for global justice OCLC183148937 , 2008

Speaking/Appearances: |


Video interviews:

Monbiot meets... (taking to task the figures who hold the world in their hands)

  • Jeroen van de Veer - In the latest of his groundbreaking encounters with the figures whose decisions shape our environment, George Monbiot challenges Jeroen van de Veer, chief executive of oil and gas giant Shell, on ethics, greenwash advertising, renewable energy investments and gas-flaring in Nigeria - 6th January 2009
  • Shaun Spiers - In the third of his groundbreaking encounters with the figures whose decisions shape our environment, George Monbiot gives the head of the countryside watchdog, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, an unforgettable grilling, asking why it opposes windfarms - but not opencast coal mines - 18th December 2008
  • Fatih Birol - In the latest in the groundbreaking interview series, Britain's leading green commentator tackles the International Energy Authority's chief economist, who reveals for the first time a startling and worrying prediction for the date of peak oil. Read the peak oil feature and add your comment - 15th December 2008
  • Yvo de Boer - In the first of a remarkable series of video interviews, Britain's leading green commentator, George Monbiot, charges the UN's leading climate change official with lacking ambition for a global emissions deal, and takes him to task over expensive carbon offset schemes and his support for the US president, George Bush. In the coming weeks, Monbiot takes on the bosses of Shell and the International Energy Agency and more. (Note: This film includes stock footage from Greenpeace) - 8th December 2008

The Guardian:

Column name:

Remit/Info: Environment issues (including: global warming, climate change, anticorporate activism, globalisation, nuclear proliferation...), Politics and International Affairs in connection with Global Justice

Section: Comment

Role: columnist



Website: / George Monbiot: All comment | Climate Change | Comment is free

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Day published: Tuesday

Regularity: Weekly

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