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Full name:Christopher John Penrice Booker
Area of interest:Environment and ResourcesGovernment and PoliticsSociety and Values
Journals/Organisation:The Sunday Telegraph
Personal website:

The Sunday Telegraph


About: A regular columnist in the Sunday Telegraph, the first editor of Private Eye, a Spectator contributor and a prolific author who has published more than ten books. Has made a life's work of challenging the scientific consensus on a broad range of issues, in particular global warming.[1] His specialities are Politics and Society (esp. British officialdom and EU institutions and issues), Environment (esp. countryside & farming)

Education: University of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College


Current Position/Role: Commentator

  • Also writes/has written for: contributes to the Daily Mail, see articles

Other roles/Main role:

Other activities:


Viewpoints/Insight: *Speech to the Bruges Group: Hamlet Without The Prince: The Anglosphere Minus One, 25th April 2006

Broadcast media:


Controversy/Criticism: *Julie Burchill: The filthy truth about asbestos, The Guardian, 2002 (re: "the great asbestos scam")




Books & Debate
  • The Neophiliacs: Revolution in English Life in the Fifties and Sixties (1970) OCLC 79984
  • Goodbye London: an illustrated guide to threatened buildings (1973) OCLC 829026
  • The seventies: portrait of a decade (1980) OCLC 6717579
  • The games war: a Moscow journal (1981) OCLC 7423278
  • The mad officials: How The Bureaucrats Are Strangling Britain (1994) OCLC 31219170
  • The castle of lies : why Britain must get out of Europe (1996) OCLC 36618450
  • A looking-glass tragedy: the controversy over the repatriations from Austria in 1945 (1997) OCLC 38447353
  • The Great Deception (2003) OCLC 54471199
  • The Seven Basic Plots: why we tell stories (2004) OCLC 57131450
  • Scared To Death: From BSE To Global Warming, Why Scares Are Costing Us The Earth (2007) OCLC 488225422  ISBN: 0826486142
  • The real global warming disaster: is the obsession with 'climate change' turning out to be the most costly scientific blunder in history? (2009) OCLC 320495333
  • Climategate to Cancun: the real global warming disaster continues (2010) OCLC 648934404

Latest work:


Current debate:

Column name: Christopher Booker's Notebook

Remit/Info: Politics and Society: "Christopher Booker... exposes the ever-growing power of the European Union in Brussels, the excesses of mad officialdom and 'scares' - from BSE to global warming"






Commissioning editor:

Day published: sun

Regularity: weekly

Column format:

Average length:
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